Hello, WRiB blog followers! I hope you’re finding the time and ability to enjoy the blessings of this Easter season. Do you savor the rebirth of the world around us as spring quite literally erupts? Do you take joy in the long days and lazy nights as, at long last, spring and summer take hold following winter’s term?

This past weekend, as my DH and I prepared our home (and hearts!) for a college graduation party for our daughter, I got to thinking. I’m a child of ritual, and, to a degree, there’s comfort in that truth, and in the heartbeat of nature’s timeless cycle.

For example, before I go to bed each night, I have my own little cycle, or routine. 1. I pray and, if so inspired, journal in my ‘Book of Thanks.” 2. I read the day’s passage from “Daily Word.” 3. I read the day’s passage from “Living Faith.” 4. I read from my most current TBR. 5. At long last, I doze off.

A couple nights ago, the readings from “Living Faith” came to me from the Acts of the Apostles, and it hit me hard. It speaks to the durability of Christianity, and it’s one of my favorites:

‘If this endeavor is of human origin, it will destroy itself. But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy it. In fact, you may find yourselves fighting against God.’ (Acts 5:34-42 NIV)

The verses bear enormous impact on all of us as believers, and is, without doubt, one of the most underrated, yet powerful words to be found in the Bible.

The truth is this: Christianity is 2000+ years strong – and came to be in an age far removed from any form of mass communication. Yet, to this day, it powers, connects, challenges and enlightens so many millions, offering love and hope to those who seek. Believer or not, the fact remains: Something “happened” all those thousands of Easter’s ago.

If not, Christianity wouldn’t have survived for long following Christ’s death on the cross.

Throughout the ages, many false prophets performed powerful deeds, and spoke powerful words, but their followers soon died out. That never happened with Christianity. Instead, followers of Jesus became stronger. Think about that! What made a group of people (who were so scared they denied Christ and locked themselves in an upper room for days) go out into the world and enthusiastically proclaim the Gospel – knowing they were putting themselves in grave danger?

The Apostles were willing to risk death by gruesome meas. You don’t do that just to preserve someone’s “reputation.”

These were the actual first-hand witnesses to Christ’s life, death and resurrection. They didn’t back down. They all suffered and died for the Truth, yet they spread the gospel like holy wildfire! That is not only powerful, it transformed the world.

When I find myself frustrated by world events, and the culture in which we live, I keep this verse handy . While we live in times that seems to go against many of Christ’s teachings, we already know the end of the story. We already rest sure in the knowledge of God’s mercy, grace, guidance and love.

Is there any greater gift to consider as we continue to travel the resurrection path?

Blessings, everyone!

Marianne Evans
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