Taking a Cue from Scriptures-Biblical Heroes

I have always loved to read about Joseph and his brothers. His life has been made in to plays and movies. He’s an inspiration to all who read about him. From his ability to interpret dreams to his willingness to help his brothers who wronged him. To his unjust imprisonment–Joseph is a wonderful hero. He’s not a warrior, but he uses his faith, and with this faith in God overcomes great obstacles.

Can we then look to the Scriptures to pattern romantic heroes? Certainly. There are many different types of heroes in the Bible we can look to for inspiration.
Here are some examples:

Joseph- The Dreamer. A younger son who lost his mother, was loved by his father, and envied by his brothers. Although a “dreamer” may not seem to be the type of hero you’d find in a romance, Joseph had many talents and rose from a pit to become a ruler in the land of Egypt.

Moses- The Leader. He over came his fear of public speaking, and forsook a life in the royal palace of Egypt to follow God and lead the Hebrew slaves to freedom.

Samson- The Strong. While the story of his life was a sad one. Samson is a hero who perhaps had too much faith in himself and not enough faith in God. In the end, when he was left with nothing he realized that God plus nothing was everything.

David- The Musician. Even in Bible days it seems the musicians had lots of ladies. David however was a man of great faith. As a boy, he took on a seasoned warrior twice his size. Then there is David the King and David the Friend. David, like Joseph, was a man of many layers. He had his faults, some of which we see in the story of Bathsheba, but we also see his great compassion, when he spared the lives of both of Mephibosheth and King Saul. David also was a man after God’s own heart.

There are so many more, Joshua, Boaz, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Nehemiah, Hezikiah, Elijah, Elisha, Namaan–there’s no way to name them all or go in to detail about each man’s contribution. But these men show great character and are wonderful patterns and inspirations for modern heroes.

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