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Passport to Romance™

Let’s take a trip and fall in love! Passport to Romance™ titles are
contemporary romances that are set in specific locales and feature a
special set of objects. (Check
the Location/Object table for specifics
Passport to Romance™ titles feature chic heroines who are sparkling,
confident, open for adventure—and who are a perfect match for a
contemporary alpha male who has a zest for life, a thirst for God,
and who likes an intelligent woman who can hold her own.

Set in exotic locations around the world, these stories offer the
contemporary Christian reader adventure, vivacity, romance and

Passport to Romance™  key elements:

·       Heroines must be between the ages of 22 and 35.

·       Heroes must be between the ages of 22 and 39.

·       Settings and objects must be chosen from within the Passport to Romance™ guidelines.

·       Hero or Heroine (or both) must’ve traveled to the location
of the story (i.e. He/She must’ve needed a passport to arrive at the
story setting)

·       Regular guidelines for White Rose Publishing also apply

·       Word length: 30,000-35,000 words

·       Please submit only completed stories

An Important Tip:

We created the Passport to Romance™ series to for a two-fold reason:
to give readers a taste of overseas and to stir the creative juices
of authors. We encourage authors to research the chosen location so
that the cultural flavor of the location can be infused into the
story. Also, we want to encourage authors to think outside the box
when considering ways to incorporate the object prompts. If the
location is the Arctic Circle and one of the objects is “Hibiscus in
Winter,” don’t be discouraged! Rather, consider alternatives to the
conventional bush blooming in the garden. Hibiscus in Winter might
be the name of the heroine’s favourite musical band or book or poem.
A hibiscus could arrive in winter when a plane carrying hibiscus
bushes crashes or dumps its cargo for some reason, or because the
hero knows a the hibiscus is the heroine’s favourite flower and so
carries one with him as he arrives from Hawaii.

When ready to submit, please use the regular
submission form
found on the website.

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