How does one write Christian fiction? That was a question that
troubled me years ago. Because Inspirational Fiction is first,
Inspirational and second, Fiction. And
as an author we don’t just have to write to please ourselves or our
editor or even the reader, we have to write to glorify God first and
foremost, as well as balancing everything else. A bit like the way a
frog leaps from one lily pad to the other without falling off.

Nor of the will of man….but of God (John 1:13)

What does it mean to rely on God? We all say “I know God is in
control,” but do we mean it? Are we accessing real faith, that
mustard seed to move a mountain. The burning faith that says “I
don’t want God as my  co-pilot…I want Him as my Pilot.” Sometimes that means
tossing the plot we’re working on, even if it’s 20k in as in one author I
know (me lol), not simply because it’s not working, but because the
story isn’t the one God wants us to write. No matter how much we like
it. Because responding to God’s will in writing is a bit like prayer.
And for that there are 3 answers. Yes, no, or I have a better idea. Which
in the case of a rejected manuscript can mean putting it away for a
year or so, then pulling it out and asking God to show you afresh what
to do with it.

Write it
in their heart Jer. 31:33

Our writing is more than just telling a story.  There are
many places in the Bible where it speaks of writing “on the tables
of the heart.” That is a lofty goal to write a wonderful story and a Christian message that will edify the believer
and strengthen the soul of the weary. Our goal is more than
entertainment. Our goal is to touch the heart and how do we do that?





Special thanks to Clare Revell (pink) who co-authored this post. 

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