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The Christmas Child


How much of the book is based in real life?


            My husband and I struggled with infertility, not only primary—the inability to conceive any children—but after the birth of our daughter, but also secondary, the inability to have any other children by birth after having at least one.  All our plans for adoption went awry. So I know the heartache, anger, longing, confusion, guilt, and discouragement that accompany infertility. So yes, the character of Hannah reflects many of my emotions, thoughts, and prayers from that time.

            I also lived in the New York metropolitan area for many years and am very familiar with the city, as well as fascinated by its history. While living there, naturally I interacted with many different ethnicities.  I’ve learned a lot about Italian culture since marrying into my husband’s family, because they came from Sicily. I’m glad to share a little bit about what their lives were like after they came to America. But I’m giving my ancestors equal time—I have another romance in the works about my family’s journey from Germany!


What makes this book special to you?


            Writing is therapy, isn’t that what they say?! I’m able to work through my feelings via my heroine.

            And it’s fun to research the past, especially in an area I know. I like sprinkling names, places, and circumstances throughout the book to tip my hat to family members. 


What book are you reading now?


            A couple: an illustrated history of World War I, and David McCullough’s book about the building of the Panama Canal. (I just finished his one about the Brooklyn Bridge). Up next is a book about female spies during the Civil War.  Yeah, I’m a history nerd…

            As far as fiction, I always look forward to the newest entry in the No. 1 Ladies ‘ Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith. I got a chance to interview him several years ago, and he is as delightful and charming as his books.


What do you do when you’re not writing?


            Read, read, read! I also love old movies, particularly from the ‘40s and ‘50s. I write a lot about travel, and particularly the national parks, so I’m always up for a trip.

Penny Musco


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