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Thinking back over the time in which I wrote A Refuge for Rosanna, I remember the story pouring out. Not without effort, but it seemed that events followed each other in a logical progression. Logical to me, that is!

Rosanna has a “win” at the beginning of the story. The hero has suffered a severe loss at that same beginning point. Oh, the fun of bringing them together! Since the Christian faith is the foundation of my life and my motivation, it was easy to bring out aspects of the faith in the lives of my heroine and her hero.

But don’t get the idea that either or both of them were goody-two-shoes people. No, they had struggles, some of the biggest struggles were with forgiveness—either giving forgiveness or forgiving one’s self.

With a historical romance novel, an author gets to work toward a desired outcome, but throws a lot of obstacles in the way of true love.  In A Refuge for Rosanna, I enjoyed creating a treasure hunt, several moral dilemmas, a false suitor, a maiden in distress (or two), and a whole neighborhood of interesting minor characters.

I also hope that readers will enjoy learning more about the historical period called the Regency. Without being heavy, I tried to convey some of what’s special about that era. One way I did this, was to bring in an actual historical figure, Sir Walter Scott. He attends a lavish party at Honor’s Point, and intermingles with the other guests. Enjoy that party, okay?

Best regards, Susan Karsten, author of A Refuge for Rosanna

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