Welcome Angela K Couch.


How did you come up with your title?


There was some tossing around of ideas to come up with title, but I must say I fell in love quickly. Mostly because of its double meaning. To both have the heart of a warrior and to win the heart of a warrior. 



What makes this book special to you?


This is actually one of my first stories, pulled from old files and brought back to life. Of course, it has gone through extensive rewrites, including the addition of Towan’s point of view, but that has only made me love it more! Also, it was fun pulling both physical and character traits from my sister, who Christina is named after.



What do you do when you're not writing?


When not writing, I have four rambunctious munchkins between two and nine (and another on the way!) who keep me on my toes. Busy but blissful.



What is your next project?


I am writing a Canadian Mountie series for all those fans of When Calls the Heart and Hallmark’s new When Hopes Calls series. As a Western Canadian girl, it is so nice to be able to write about my home and local history!


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