Interruptions, we all have them. Some are critical, like our 53-year-old son David’s open heart surgery on Jan. 17. All the world seems to pause when someone we love is critically ill. David barely survived a placenta previa birth. At age eighteen, he developed acute leukemia and months later was hit by a drunk driver. Later that year, David had an experimental bone marrow transplant which worked, glory to our miracle-working God!

However, that life-saving transplant required extensive total body radiation which, thirty-five years later, has dangerously impacted David’s blood vessels and heart. Dr. Weiss at St. Luke’s restructured his heart physically but we know God gave David a new spiritual heart when he was very young and the strength of that heart carried him through this surgery and the numerous challenges of his life. Happily, he’s recovering well with the support of his wife Kathy, sixteen-year-old twins Joshua and Anna and the help of loving family and friends.

I’m eager to share with you my New Year’s resolution to read through the Bible in a year again. It’s not too late if you’d like to join me. (You can start and end with the month February.) The picture shows the Bible I’m using, but any version will do or even just a reading plan.

During this emerging year that’s already been filled with clamor and public expressions of hatred, it’s been a joy to immerse myself in the great love story of God for his people. Returning love for hate, and offering forgiveness readily when we’re hurt is tough stuff to do without God guiding our life. I hope you’ll consider this adventure too. We’ll visit ancient lands and cultures and experience the justice, love and mercy of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit firsthand.

Praying for you, dear friends, that you’ll be energized by knowing God has a continual, valuable life purpose for you whatever your age. May you find huge delight in loving Him and being attentive to the needs around you.


January whisked by. No book signing events planned in the near future but my books are all available online as e-books and the print versions are at Angelus Gift Shop in Walworth. If you have a Kindle Unlimited account you can read my e-books for free. You might enjoy my mystery Bullet in the Night in front of a winter fire. I’m privileged to edit Wayne’s Monday through Friday blog. If you’d like to receive his free inspirational messages please send me your email with a request.

Do visit my free YouTube channel. I’m happy to report almost four hundred people have watched the presentation on Ten Ways To Show Respect For Your Husband. May it be of great benefit to every viewer! Check out the kid’s stories for your little ones.

Here’s To A FABUOUS February!!!

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