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Lets talk about your heroine.

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself
My name is Rebekah Kingston. I’m approaching forty, and I’ve never been married or even interested in getting married. In high school some friends of mine from church were fed up with the dating scene, so we formed the Happily Never-After Club. For almost twenty years we traveled overseas, took vacations together, supported one another, until one by one the other club members changed their minds and got married. I am now the last surviving Happily Never-After member.


Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there?
Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there? I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I grew up in a small town in Texas, about 90 miles from Fort Worth, and my parents still live there. I love living in Fort Worth because it’s small enough to get from one place to another quickly, and because of oil money in the past, it has many wonderful museums. A small town with big-city benefits.


What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach your happily-ever-after?
The most important obstacle I had to overcome was to trust Ethan and the promises he made to me. I loved him, but when he left to go back to Hollywood, I feared he would change his mind about our budding relationship.


Tell us about your special romantic interest. What makes them so special?
Ethan Ford…what can I say? He’s the first and only man I’ve ever truly loved. He’s mature yet fun-loving. Handsome, and he’s a believer. Even though he lives in Hollywood, he’s able to be true to his faith and the promises he’s made to God and himself. He was the first man I ever kissed. The first man I believe could see into my heart.


The first time you saw your special person, what did you think? Was it love at first sight or did they have to grow on you?
Absolutely not love at first sight! He was studying to play the part of a ranch hand in one of his upcoming movies. He looked scruffy and sounded really country. And talk…oh my goodness, he could talk nonstop about anything. Once all that was stripped away, and I could see the real Ethan, I knew no one else would be able to take his place. My life was going to make a big change.


Tell us about the characters.

What is your hero's main character flaw?
Ethan struggles to leave Hollywood because he likes the money he makes and the ability it gives him to accomplish good deeds.


What is your heroine's main character flaw?
Inflexibility prevents her from being open to God’s plan for her life rather than her own.


What makes your hero heroic?
A determination to be true to his faith and not bow to societal pressure.


what makes your heroine heroic?
She has a faithful heart.

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