Welcome Barbara M. Britton and her new book Defending David

What is your writing schedule like?
I would like to say that I write every day, but some days I am writing on a notepad and other days, I am typing the words into a computer. You may think it takes longer, but I do editing as I type the words onto my computer. I'm fond of drinking hot chocolate during the writing process.
How did you come up with your title?
The title for Ittai and Rimona's story was easy. Ittai defends King David during Absalom's rebellion. Rimona doesn't fight in battle, but she helps the wounded, and remains in constant prayer for Ittai and his warriors.
How much of the book is based in real life?
Defending David is taken from the Bible. The Scripture I used was mainly II Samuel, chapters 15-19. I incorporated David's life and the events surrounding Absalom's rebellion. David's family was in disarray when he was older. This break down shows in the rebellion and how Absalom treats his father. David shows compassion to his son, but in the end, another relative seeks vengeance.

What do you do when you're not writing?
When I'm not writing new stories, I am involved in the business side of my writing. I also like to support other authors, so you will find me reading their books and posting reviews. Reviews are critical to a book's success. An author is limited in what they can explore promotion wise, if their book doesn't have many reviews. Writing your opinion is easier than you think. You can write a few sentences or many in a review.

In no more than
Ten (10) words, what is the spiritual takeaway for your reader?

A friend can stick closer than a brother.
Is there anything edgy/possibly controversial in your book? If so tell us what that is in
Twenty (20) words or fewer.

Absalom does rape his father's concubines, but i take great care to have Rimona flee and only a dress ripping comes to pass.
What is your hero's main character flaw?
For a warrior, Ittai has a heart for those less fortunate. he has to empty his mind of connections when he goes into battle.
What is your heroine's main character flaw?
Rimona talks a lot and runs ahead of herself. Can you believe it all works out in the end?
What can readers learn from your villain?
There are a few villains in this novel. The main one being Absalom. His thirst for power eclipses God's anointing on a king. Absalom carries bitterness and rage in his heart. He does not confront his father about past mistakes, but takes advantage of his father's advancing age. Absalom murders and abandons God's Law.
What makes your hero heroic?
Ittai pledges his allegiance to king David. Ittai arrives the day before David has to flee, but Ittai does not stay back in Jerusalem. he leaves with David–after a few words–and is a staunch God-fearing friend.

what makes your heroine heroic?
Rimona places the well-being of others before her own safety. She tries to be loyal to her uncle and follow God's laws. When Absalom arrives in Jerusalem, she must eventually flee when the rebel's madness starts.


And lets meet your character…

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself
I'm a warrior from Gath. My mother named me Ittai, so I am known as Ittai the Gittite. I was exiled from my homeland, but the Bible doesn't say why. I think Mrs. Britton has a few ideas about the manner in which I left Philistia.
Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there?
I am a man without a home. Since I was exiled, I have traveled into Israel in search of king David. I am hoping he will allow me to remain in the lands of the tribe of Judah. I am a believer in the One True God and will support my friend and king, David son of Jesse.
What is a quirk of your personality that people don't know?
Quirk? How dare you accuse me of having a quirk. You don't become a commander by having quirks. Although, if you ask my second-in-command, I don't do flattery very well.
Who chronicled your story, and why do you think he/she picked you?
Mrs. Britton's husband is an ordained minister. He wrote a sermon about my loyalty to King David and to God. It wasn't until a few years later, that Mrs. Britton remembered my valor and wrote my story.
What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach your happily-ever-after?
In order to reach my happily-ever-after, I had to go into battle. War is awful. You never know if you will survive. In Defending David, I survive and receive some accolades. My life changes in delightful ways. I'm learning to do flattery well. I also know a thing or two about jewelry.
Tell us about your special romantic interest. What makes them so special?
Rimona is bold and beautiful. Her heart for God shines through her being. She and I both cared for ailing mothers. We know why God has a heart for the weak.
The first time you saw your special person, what did you think? Was it love at first sight or did they have to grow on you?
I had no idea a woman would be running across rocky cliffs at night. When I wrapped her in my arms, believing she was a spy, we both had a bit of a shock. Rimona grew on me as we traveled to Jerusalem. She is fearless around chariots.

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