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The Demise of Publishing…Is it Finally Here?

About a year ago, I wrote a series of articles about the state of publishing, the influence Amazon has over the entire book industry, and what we can do about it. This week, with articles popping up about how Amazon is cracking down on companies that are, reportedly,...

Amazon is not the Big Bad (The Demise of Publishing, Part 2)

Considering the ongoing struggles of publishers and bookstores to stay competitive within the marketplace and the simultaneous, exponential growth and dominance of Amazon, it may seem that Amazon is the Big Bad that will put everyone else out of business. It is a

A World Without Amazon? (The Demise of Publishing, part 1)

If the fate of that one chain—Family Christian—affects Christian publishing so drastically, what would a world without Amazon do to publishing at large? What would happen to reading, literacy—publishing—if there was no more Amazon? Or, more likely: What would the book world be with only Amazon? With their $5.25 billion in book sales constituting only 7% of Amazon’s total revenue, the behemoth mega-store isn’t likely to disappear from the landscape any time soon, but will the rest of us be part of the ripe rolling hills of publishing five years from now?

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