The Demise of Publishing…Is it Finally Here?

About a year ago, I wrote a series of articles about the state of publishing, the influence Amazon has over the entire book industry, and what we can do about it. This week, with articles popping up about how Amazon is cracking down on companies that are, reportedly,...

To Be-ware or not To Be-ware: Large Publisher, Small Press

This week seems to be the week to blog about small presses, and seeing so many posts brought something to my mind. I’ve always considered Pelican Book Group to be a small press—as I’m sure most people do—but what exactly makes a small press a small press? Is it the size of its catalogue, number of employees, the benefits and drawbacks of being published by said press, or is it strictly the annual revenue generated (and is any of that good or bad)? As I pondered these things, I decided to do a comparison of what large publishers do and what this small press (Pelican Book Group) does.

Holy Week: Holy Saturday

As Jesus lies in the tomb, that grain of wheat fallen to the ground in order that He may bear much fruit, we are forced to ponder our own faith journey. Can we follow Him fully into a resurrection to

Holy Week: Good Friday

Today, Good Friday, Jesus is beaten and crowned with thorns. He is forced to carry a heavy Cross, He is nailed to it, and He suffers excruciating pain for three hours while He atones for our sins and then

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