The Christmas Child

In my novella, Christmas Child, set in 1891 New York City, adoption plays a significant role. A Christian who’s opening an orphanage explains to another character (who isn’t a believer) God’s take on the subject:  “When a mother and father...

Dark Lake by Clare Revell

Why did you write this particular story?  I wrote this for several reasons. The main one being Lou. She just wouldn’t shut up after I finished the Signal Me series. Mind you, that in itself is a very long story and would take up all this post and several...

The UNBREAKABLE Ruth Buchanan

Unbreakable: A novel of relationships, getaways, teep kicks, bacon, nuptials, and the occasional stabbing As a teenager, I adored reading Christian fiction. Give me a sweeping historical romance or a high-stakes thriller featuring the FBI, undercover agents,...

The world has changed forever and so has fashion

The most classic treatment of clothes in The Blackburn Chronicles is the uniform of the those belonging to The Order of the Sword and Scroll. Crimson cloaks and armor breastplates worn by the knights harken back to the centuries old origin of the powerful society. Ashton Wells, spy for the Order, favors a knight’s blade over the more modern tracer gun.

Charlotte Blackburn, the heroin of the series goes through a tremendous transformation from debutante to dissenter and later…t

Weapons of light

Creating the weapons for my YA Steampunk novel, The Tremblers took me on a fascinating path. The invention of destructive devices was vexing and addicting all at once.

Weapons of light — Tracer Guns are the weapon of choice for the soldiers of the Peaceful Union. Powerful blasters that syphon the glowing purple energy from the massive Tesla Domes caging the city-states are feared by the average citizen. Constantly realibrating to the dome’s pulse, they are outlawed to everyone but the soldiers of the government.

A Great Calamity has fractured the whole of America

A Great Calamity has fractured the whole of America toppling the government and killing millions across the entire nation. From the embers rose The Peaceful Union, with its symbol of the dark phoenix that promises protection and order from the chaos and death outside the city-states.

Charlotte blackburn, is a daughter of this new society that huddles beneath the massive churning steamworks of the electric Tesla Domes.

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