Holy Week: Holy Saturday

As Jesus lies in the tomb, that grain of wheat fallen to the ground in order that He may bear much fruit, we are forced to ponder our own faith journey. Can we follow Him fully into a resurrection to

Holy Week: Good Friday

Today, Good Friday, Jesus is beaten and crowned with thorns. He is forced to carry a heavy Cross, He is nailed to it, and He suffers excruciating pain for three hours while He atones for our sins and then

Holy Week: Thursday

Today, Jesus reveals Himself as the Passover Lamb. Our King of Kings shows us lowliness and humility, not just by His impending sacrifice, but by stooping to wash the disciples’ feet. He becomes both priest and servant, both King and Sacrifice.

Holy Week: Wednesday

Isaiah 50:4-9 is a beautiful example of how we are to be good servants
of the Lord. Woven into the passage are warning, instruction and hope.
If we listen to the Lord, He will teach us how

Holy Week: Tuesday

At the Last Supper, Jesus tells the Twelve that one of them will betray
Him. The Apostles are shocked at this revelation, and Peter is later
adamant that he would die for Jesus. Here we learn two very important
lessons. One, sometimes the enemy lurks among us and we have to be
watchful. As in the case of Jesus, we might not be able to escape the
enemy’s snare initially, but with foreknowledge and faith, we can


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