Today we discover what message author Miriam Thor wants to convey to the readers of "Listening to the Rain", the latest YA release from Pelican Book Group.

When someone reads Listening to the Rain, I hope to convey two main messages. The first is that God gives us gifts and talents so that we will use them for His glory, not our own. At the beginning of Listening to the Rain, the main character, Ally, is trying to find her thing, a talent that will allow her to gain praise and recognition from others. She is ecstatic when she finally finds it, but she focuses only on how she can use it for her own benefit. Over the course of the novel, Ally comes to understand that she should use her talent for the Lord instead. I hope readers will receive that message along with her.

The second message I hope to convey is that God is with us during life’s storms, even when He doesn’t answer our prayers in the way that we would like. Shortly after Ally finds her thing, her cousin, James, is injured in an accident, and she prays that God will heal him. To Ally, that means James will have no long-term effects, and everything will go back to normal. When God chooses to answer her prayer in a different way, Ally is unsure how to cope with the changes in her life and how to keep trusting God. After a lot of heartache, Ally learns that the Lord is trustworthy, even when she doesn’t understand what He is doing.

In my own Christian walk, that has been one of the toughest truths for me to embrace. God is good, even when He allows bad things to happen, and He is faithful to work all things for the good of those who love Him. I hope to convey this message to everyone who reads Listening to the Rain.

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