Character Spotlight from Seeing Us

This character spotlight is on the male protagonist in Seeing Us, by Audrey Wick. Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself My name is Dr. Grady Urban, and I’m the newest medical professional in the town of Seguin, a lovely picturesque part of Texas’ Hill Country. I…

This character spotlight is on the male protagonist in Seeing Us, by Audrey Wick.

Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself
My name is Dr. Grady Urban, and I’m the newest medical professional in the town of Seguin, a lovely picturesque part of Texas’ Hill Country. I opened a brand new optometry shop called Spectacle Optique on the town square, and readers can follow my journey both professionally and romantically in the novel SEEING US.
Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there?
Seguin is a real town on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. I settled there for job opportunities, but I also fell in love with the beautiful landscape, the comfortable way of life, and the amazing people who call this area home. It’s now my home too!
What is a quirk of your personality that people don’t know?
I’m an eye doctor who sees things differently. My eyes capture colors and images in a slightly different way from most people. You’ll have to read the story to see the world, though, through my eyes . . .
Who chronicled your story, and why do you think he/she picked you?
Audrey Wick is the writer of my story, and she’s the perfect author to bring my journey to life because she understands that the best relationships are ones that happen organically. That’s exactly how my relationship with Danica unfolds in the book. Nothing is forced, and through Audrey’s careful, emotional writing, readers get to peel back the layers of a new relationship and see happiness bloom in a beautiful small town setting.
What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach your happily-ever-after?
I first had to get my business off the ground, which was a challenge both in terms of remodeling a location but then also hiring staff and establishing clientele. While my staff is very supportive, there is one member of my team who has a jealous streak. So when my new relationship starts, she is not very happy about it . . .
Tell us about your special romantic interest. What makes them so special?
Danica Lara is a kindhearted, driven thirty-two-year-old who came into my office seeking her first eye exam—ever! She needed glasses, and I was happy to assist her with that process. But then, our paths crossed in other ways outside of Spectacle Optique, and we started working together on a literacy initiative at the local public school. Time together sparked an interest, and a relationship started to form.
The first time you saw your special person, what did you think? Was it love at first sight or did they have to grow on you?
The first time I met Danica was in my optometry office. She had an unfortunate mishap that resulted in an accident, so I helped her after that. Ultimately, that initial care I showed to her was sustained as we built a relationship, and I’m so glad we did.
What is the spiritual takeaway for your reader?
Don’t jump to conclusions.
What is your hero’s main character flaw?
As professionally successful as Dr. Grady Urban is, his flaw is that he doesn’t believe in himself when it comes to helping others outside of his professional role. Once he understands that he has valuable skills to offer other people, he grows as a character. Building confidence and opening his heart with a giving spirit allows him to also be more open to the possibility of love. He deserves that, and he finds it in the novel!
What is your heroine’s main character flaw?
Danica lets miscommunication get in the way of her relationship. Once she acknowledges her failings in that regard, she is able to move forward with Dr. Grady Urban in a fulfilling, meaningful way.
What can readers learn from your villain?
While there is not a true villain in the novel, there is an unsavory secondary character in Dr. Urban’s optometry office with a jealous streak. Jealousy can be a very real emotion, so seeing this on the page may help readers deal with jealousy—especially by recognizing its many forms!—in their own lives.
What makes your hero heroic?
Dr. Grady Urban wants what is best for people, and he leads with his heart. That makes him a true romance novel hero.
what makes your heroine heroic?
Danica makes decisions from a place of love, and she’s also a very loyal, kind friend to others. These qualities help her inner light to shine, making her heroic.
My book will appeal to readers who like______ Susan Mallery
My book will appeal to readers of the above-mentioned author because________________
Susan Mallery’s books are heartwarming, sweet romances that also include occasional recipes–and my book does too! There is an exclusive recipe at the back of the book that connects to the storyline that readers can enjoy making in their own kitchens at home.
If my story had a musical theme song it would be_______ by_______ “Wonderwall” by Oasis
Tell us anything else you feel is relevant.
The recipe at the back of the book can be used for promotional purposes. This bonus content is something special for readers!

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