Spring is a time of new beginnings and the characters in each of these books needs a new beginning…but the secrets they harbour threaten the idyllic future they’d each like to embrace. Like romantic suspense that entertains, challenges and surprises you? Check out these books by Susan M. Baganz (Madi’s Secret), Valerie Goree (Weep in the Night), Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig (Mammoth Secrets) and Lillian Duncan (Betrayed).

Madi’s Secret

By: Susan M. Baganz

Madeline Baxter has a deadly secret. Only she doesn’t realize what it is until events conspire to unearth hidden memories. She’s kept other secrets for seventeen years. Now God has called her back to Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin to face her fears. She obeys and finds mysterious threatening messages begin. Everyone she loves could be in danger. Including her first love—Parker.

Parker has loved Madi for twenty years. As graduating high school sweethearts, they planned to marry but the girl of his dreams vanished without a trace. He went on with life, wed and widowed, but Madi’s back, more beautiful than ever and his heart is twisted in knots. What is she hiding? How could he trust her when he doesn’t understand why she left? And why does his heart still beat for her?

Weep in the Night

By: Valerie Goree

After three years in the witness protection program, Sadie Malone’s life in Texas is bland and humdrum–until she meets a new co-worker. Bowen Boudine ignites a flame in Sadie’s long-dormant heart, but when she discovers he knows her true identity, she attempts to flee. He thwarts her escape and reveals the reason he’s been sent to locate her.

Bowen, a seasoned operative with International Retrieval Organization takes his job escorting Sadie safely back to California seriously, but quickly finds he’s falling for her. Can he maintain a professional relationship while he protects her from the crime boss her testimony helped to convict?


By: Lillian Duncan

The Witness Protection Program claims it can keep anyone safe if only the person follows the rules…so Maria follows the rules. Every rule. She gives up everything–her friends, her family, her past, even her name–to ensure her daughter has a future.

Reborn as Veronica Minor, Maria struggles to build a new life amid the beauty of her flower shop in the sleepy little town of Sunberry, Ohio. A life where her daughter can have a happy normal childhood. A life where her daughter will never know that her father was a monster.

When a child disappears, Veronica prays it has nothing to do with her past, but what if she’s wrong?

Not knowing whom to trust, she trusts no one…and that’s her first mistake, because the nightmare isn’t over–her dead husband just called from the grave.

Mammoth Secrets

By: Ashley Elizabeth Ludwig

Mammoth’s new pastor is starting over. Using the pseudonym, Jake Gibb, he plans on staying far from his infamous father’s shadow.

When Jake meets the misunderstood Lilah Dale–a woman in the midst of a divorce and with nothing to hide thanks to the local prayer chain–he is convicted in the choice he’s made to hide his true identity.

With mutual deceptions marring their future, Jake and Lilah must form a careful relationship, and together learn that only the truth can set you free.

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