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One Minute Editing Tip: Everyday vs. Every Day Use the right word!

Everyday, one word, and “every day”, two words get mixed up often. Today we’ll learn a quick tip on to use them correctly

One Minute Editor: Four Things Every Writer Should Know about Track Changes

These days, much editing is done using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. It’s a great tool, and I’d like to share with you four things every writer should know about Track Changes. **Note** This One Minute EditorTM runs about four minutes! Your browser does not...

One Minute Editor: The Preposition Proposition

Hi! Nicola Martinez, editor-in-chief for Pelican Book Group. Here with today’s One Minute Editor tip. Tighten those sentences! Your browser does not support this audio   A quick and easy way to tighten sentences is to eliminate instances of the “double...
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