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Meditation on the Stations of the Cross

As we remember the salvific crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus, let us mediate on His suffering and grow in gratitude for the payment of our debts.  

A favorite family activity with Karen Malley

My family spends a lot of time outdoors. Hiking is of our favorite things to do on vacation. God created so much beauty in the world and it’s easy to pass it by when you’re riding in a car checking messages on your phone. Hiking, especially up a mountain,...

Pessimist, Realist or Optimist?

And here’s another truth: Most people fall somewhere between those two extremes, wanting to be the latter, sometimes falling into the former. And most people are weak, on either extreme. Judas: weak. Peter: weak. Strength is found in what we do once we figure out we’re weak. And character is shown when we choose to do the right thing even though we’re weak. Judas: characterless. Peter: characterful.

What are we to do with that?

Holy Week: Thursday

Today, Jesus reveals Himself as the Passover Lamb. Our King of Kings shows us lowliness and humility, not just by His impending sacrifice, but by stooping to wash the disciples’ feet. He becomes both priest and servant, both King and Sacrifice.

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Holy Week: Tuesday

At the Last Supper, Jesus tells the Twelve that one of them will betray
Him. The Apostles are shocked at this revelation, and Peter is later
adamant that he would die for Jesus. Here we learn two very important
lessons. One, sometimes the enemy lurks among us and we have to be
watchful. As in the case of Jesus, we might not be able to escape the
enemy’s snare initially, but with foreknowledge and faith, we can


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Holy Week: Monday

John’s gospel, 12:1-11, points out three interesting things that help to clue us in to Who Jesus is and what is about to happen. First, the gospel tells us that six days before the Passover, Jesus was in Bethany with Lazarus, Mary and Martha. It’s interesting that just a week before His own resurrection, Jesus visits the man who had already been brought back from the dead. Perhaps Jesus was trying to give His followers a reminder that being laid in the tomb isn’t necessarily the end.

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Holy Week: Palm Sunday

It’s the first day of Holy Week. Today Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey to shouts of hosannas. The world loves Him–both those who believe He is merely a talented prophet or healer and those who believe He is the Messiah. Regardless of the category into which the people fall, it will be only days before they are all clamouring for his death. Think about that for a moment. He is followed and adored just mere days before those same shouts morph into cries of, “Crucify Him!”

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Jesus, Meek and Humble of Heart, Part 7

The fear of being forgotten can leave us emotionally—sometimes physically—frozen. For many, the very thought of being left behind, being alone, is enough to drive them to the opposite extreme—clamouring to be consulted, to have our opinion matter so much to others that they seek our advice for minute details.

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