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Summer is here and I’m dreaming of those lazy afternoons spent relaxing with a good book. I don’t know how many afternoons like that I’ll get – probably not many – so I want to make the most of the ones I get. I recently searched the Kindle store for some romances that I believe will make great summer reads. (And remember you can get download the Kindle software on your computer, iphone, blackberry or ipad. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read on Kindle. I have it on my netbook.) You can see my list here:

I’ve also checked the White Rose Publishing store and there are a few new releases and upcoming releases I’d like to add:

New Releases 

White Water Preacher by Carolyn Bravo
Faith by Merry Stahel
A Time for Healing by Tamelia Tumlin
Snow Angels by Wendy Davy
Hearts Crossing Ranch by Tanya Hanson

Coming Soon!
In His Sight by Pamela S. Thibodeaux
 Rodeo Royalty Series by Teri Wilson

  • Rodeo Resurection
  • Rodeo Rescue
  • Rodeo Redemption

Happy Reading!


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