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Writing a female heroine can be difficult, how soft should she be, how strong? When I began to write this blog, at first it was going to be “Taking Cues From Biblical Heroines,” but I was sidetracked. All these pairs of women started popping out at me.
I wished to spend this week looking at these–

Sarah and Hagar ~ Animosity and jealousy characterize this pair. Sarah’s very name means ‘princess’ while Hagar was a mere servant. Abraham’s wife, Sarah was a lovely and intelligent woman, but she couldn’t have children. She prayed for a child, to no avail and after years of unanswered pleas, she took matters into her own hands. God had told Abraham he would be the father of a great nation, and Sarah reasoned to be the father of a great nation, one first must be a father…so, Abraham had a son with Sarah’s handmaid Hagar. But sometimes when we “help” God we make matters worse. Hagar and Sarah just couldn’t live together any longer. They had to separate.

Leah and Rachel ~ I’ve often wondered what Leah’s life was like as the older sister of beautiful Rachel. She was married through trickery, and her children, though she gave Jacob many, took backseat to Jacob’s beloved Joseph and Benjamin, the children of Rachel. Yet,we read how Rachel took idols with her when she left her father’s house. What does that say about her?

Deborah and Jael ~ I love this pair. These two are the original tough girls. It wasn’t their beauty or their children, but their quick minds and grit that make these women of note. Deborah was a judge of Israel, a prophetess as well. When Barak, the commander of the Israelite army, refused to go into battle against Sisera without her at his side, Deborah jumped in the chariot beside him knowing with God on her side she didn’t need to be afraid. So did Barak get the victory? Well the Israelites were victorious but it was Jael who took care of Sisera, the opposing general when he ran to her tent to hide- Jael the original GI Jane?

Ruth and Naomi ~ Ruth also shows a tough spirit when she refuses to leave her mother-in-law after the death of Ruth’s husband and Naomi’s son. They looked after each other and took care of one another.

Mary and Martha ~ This New Testament gives us this pair. Fastidious Martha the very vision of order –I bet her kitchen was spotless and her spices were in alphabetical order. Martha and Mary both loved Jesus, but Martha tended to get bogged down with work. She had trouble with priorities while Mary focust on what was most important at the moment.

Nest week I intend to keep on this topic of Biblical characters. These duos really spoke to me as I prepared for the blog and realized how these ladies, whether friends, sisters, or rivals are paired.
Happy Writing,

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