Editors use style sheets to assist them in keeping track of information in the work they are editing, but a style sheet in the hands of an author becomes a valuable tool–a filing cabinet of sorts, where all pertinent data is kept readily available. A variety of details can be noted on the style sheet and will help an author avoid the necessity of thumbing through page after page of a manuscript to check facts.


Pertinent facts such as unusual spelling for names, eye color, hair color, distinguishing marks, likes, dislikes, even specific speech patterns can be noted in a check list under information regarding each character.


When writing a character with a different dialect, certain phrases may be used by an author. A style sheet makes it simple for a writer to note specific wording or spelling which will be utilized throughout the novel.

Geographic information/setting:

Whether the setting of a novel is fictional or real, a style sheet is a great place to note particulars concerning geographic oddities or the description of a town. Detail can also be given to specific rooms, especially if the setting is important to the plot or if the setting is a plot device in itself.


On occasion, story timelines can become bothersome. A style sheet noting important dates and time frames puts the information at a writer’s fingertips.

Back story information:

Not all back story ends up in a novel, but on occasion, it is important to have it written down in a style sheet in the event the information becomes necessary for the author to include.

Research notes:

A style sheet is a perfect place for an author to place research. Whether the notes are set a part on a separate area of the spreadsheet or placed under other topics such as geographic information, etc., they become readly accessible.

The uses for a style sheet are as varied as the authors who use them. If you’d like to share what you include in your style sheet, we’d love to hear from you.

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