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By Kathleen Friesen

What if a young woman, new to faith in Jesus Christ, had to do the unthinkable to protect herself and/or others? What would happen to her faith? How would she cope?

These are the questions that would not leave me after writing my first novel, Melody’s Song (self-published). It introduced me to Nila Black, a young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. By the end of that story, Nila had come to faith in Jesus and, with the help of her new friends, dared to leave her abuser.

But what would happen next? Research taught me that many abused women leave their abusers and return as many as eight times. And many don’t survive their efforts. I didn’t want that to happen to Nila.

But her background of neglect and abuse did not prepare her for a life of faith. She had no basis for acceptance of the Father-love of God. Her past bound her like a strait jacket. Nila needed release.

We all need release – from our pasts, guilt, and fears. Through writing Nila’s story, I learned a great deal about the blessed freedom that comes by the grace of God.
I hope that readers will experience that wonderful grace in the pages of Nila’s Hope.

Thank you, Pelican Book Group, for publishing this story.

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