I love to hunt, but I have to wait for the season to open. I love to fish. Same thing. Seems like I’m always waiting, forcing myself to be patient, to quit thinking about the trip to wherever, so the clock will continue to tick off the days and the weeks and the months until the season opens. But then, poof, in the snap of my fingers, the season is over. Seems like I’m always waiting.

There is no season on writing. I don’t have to wait, and I never have to look for something to do as long as I have a story to work on. When my eyes pop open at four in the morning, or when waiting on a flight to work, or when I’m bored … Wait. I’m never bored. I write.

Real life events at work give me ideas for my blog, but I like fiction the most. I’m not tied to facts. If my protagonist comes to a crossroad, I get to decide which way he goes. If a need a situation for my character to work his way out of, or an antagonist to contend with, all I have to do is give life to the idea.

            There are some things that I just can’t do all day long. Writing isn’t one of them.

David E Arp 

Author of Orb

New Christian Fiction Coming Soon


David Arp spent the last 35 years working drilling rigs from the US to the Middle East to the vast oceans offshore. His love of reading fostered a passion for writing. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Karen.


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