Writing solo can be hazardous to your mental skills. A few of my fellow authors feel that’s true.

But in my case, I enjoy every minute of setting up my space. I turn off the TV, stretch out on my comfy lounge chair, and arrange my notes. I pick up a pen. Not a pencil. I’d rather strike through a word or phrase than erase. The first words on paper create a paragraph.

Scratch that word. Scratch.

But alas, I’ve created words I’m unable to read. So, I go through the same routine until I have enough to print a few pages on my computer.

That’s where the fun begins. Now I actually have a copy I can add to and delete.

Days later, I have a chapter ready to send to my writing partners. I’m elated.

One likes it. Another doesn’t like parts of what I’ve written.

Then, when I’m at my wits end, I get specifics that plant me in front of the computer. Fix this. Add that. Get rid of that horrid—

Hopeful, I’m ready to send the chapter a second time. Thankfully, my partners always agree it’s better.

Meanwhile I’ve struggled with the next chapter and feel that same sense of awe and accomplishment. But there are still many drafts ahead.

Oh, well, as a writer you know how the rest goes…


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