Light a Christmas  Candle

by Regina Andrews

Welcome Regina and her Christmas Extravaganza story!


How did you come up with your title?

As I was thinking about Christmas and the birth of our Savior, it kept coming into my mind that Jesus is “the light of the world.” The light and warmth of candles represent His presence among us, if we open our hearts to Him.


Are plots based on someone you know or events in your own life?

Indirectly, yes. When I was in elementary school one of my classmates got burned. The scars on her arms and hands made her look different, but she was the same friend I always had. As an adult, I understand now that many of us have scars, and sometimes they are the kind that are not visible to the rest of the world.


Do you have advice for other writers?

Yes, I would advise volunteering at the local library, it is a wonderful way to meet other book lovers and expand your connection with local writers.


How can readers connect with you?

I love hearing from my readers, and the best way is via Facebook, Twitter, or my website, As a family-friendly writer, there’s always something new and interesting to talk about. 



Let's meet your character…


My name is Lucy Carrington and I just turned twenty-five. I have my own candle-making business that my well-to-do family isn’t crazy about as a career choice, but I have faith that He is telling me the path that He wants me to follow. (Besides, they named me Lucia, who is the patron saint of candles…so I'm only living up to my name.)


Where do you live, and why do you choose to live there?

I just moved to Chestnut Crossings with my black lab, Dillon. It’s a very pretty town and the folks are friendly; I hope I like it here. My faith in God caused a rift between me and my parents, who are non-believers, so I left home and when I stopped here, it felt right.


What obstacles did you overcome in order to reach your happily-ever-after?

Circumstances could have easily prevented Jim and I from finding happiness. The most major obstacle was James' past, his guilt, and his self-imposed isolation as a result of a childhood tragedy. And I had to overcome my inability to trust God in my life – although I love him with all my heart. Yet, with God’s help, we learned to trust each other and move forward together- just as God wanted us to do.



Tell us about your special romantic interest. What makes them so special?

Jim is blessed with an incredible amount of empathy, and shows his love for God in the way he cares for others. And he has a way with animals, too. Dillon responded to him in a way I have never seen before — but I know that Dillon is a very good judge of character.


The first time you saw your special person, what did you think? Was it love at first sight or did they have to grow on you?

We met on a dark street in Chestnut Crossings when I knocked over Jim’s trash cans. Talk about embarrassing! But he made me feel like everything was okay. Then he captured my heart when we were dancing to Christmas songs with the day care children.


In no more than Ten (10) words, what is the spiritual takeaway for your reader?

Forgiveness is a gift from God that we give ourselves.

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