Welcome Blair St. John. Let's learn some interesting tidbits about your new release, Lily of the Nile.


In no more than 10 words, what is the spiritual takeaway for your reader?
Trust in God’s plan for you


Is there anything edgy/possibly controversial in your book? If so tell us what that is.
Terrorists torture two women, which could be considered mildly graphic by some. Some may consider having Arabian terrorists stereotypical.


What is your hero's main character flaw?
My hero can be single minded, seeing only one solution to a problem without considering other possibilities.


What is your heroine's main character flaw?
My heroine doesn’t trust herself. She’s often willing to let others make decisions for her.


What can readers learn from your villain?
Villains are the “heroes” of their own stories. They firmly believe they’re doing the right thing and are as determined to succeed as our heroes are.


What makes your hero heroic?
My hero is willing to sacrifice his own safety and happiness for the sake of keeping others safe.


what makes your heroine heroic?
My heroine exposes herself to the vulnerability of repeated rejection to show the hero how he is loved. She also endures torture to protect a priceless religious relic.

Blair St. John, thank you for joining us today and giving us some insight into the story and characters of your book, Lily of the Nile


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